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The following below is a list of what to expect from the community as I build it up (activities are subject to change):

# Weekly Fanfiction Prompt:
- Members must write a story (preferably a one shot, though I'm not opposed to chapter tales if the inspiration hits you in such a manner) based on the word or phrase chosen by the moderator(s). The length of the challenge is a total of two weeks, afterward the next prompt is then chosen and the cycle is recycled.

# Icon Contest:
- A picture or screencap of character will be chosen for the members of the community to create an icon from. From there they have a limited time to submit their icons in order for the voting to take place and for there to be a winner. Failure to participate will result in the termination of the challenge.

# Monday / Friday Spam Post(s)
- At the beginning and end of the week, a spam post will be made for users to random discuss anything on their minds not relating to ReBoot.

# Character/Episode Discussion:
- A Question regarding the cannon and what ifs (fannon) characters, episodes or the series itself may be discussed in these posts. Mods and Users can create these threads so long as there isn't a pre-existing thread available to use.

Got an idea you'd like to see become a frequent thing among the "Community Games"? Check out the "PAGE-A-MOD" post and I'll see what I can do.
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