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Perfect for cosplay or just animated tv show enthusiasts.

These 1.5" Pinback Button were professionally printed on 24lb Paper, and with a Mylar covering to prevent damage to the image. [SOURCE]

!Mod Post: Co-Guardian Application

If your interested in becoming a co-Guardian for [community profile] command_line you need to able to perform the following:

#1. You need to be available on Monday or Friday (at least) to able to post a theme/prompt when the other moderator(s) cannot.
#2. Approve posts that follow the guidelines of the community
#3. Treat members (and fellow moderators) fairly.
#4. Pimp the community so that all ReBoot or drabble fans are made aware of this place.

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!Mod Post: Community Activities

The following below is a list of what to expect from the community as I build it up (activities are subject to change):

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!Mod Post: Community Pimpage

Use this to promote the community wherever community promotion is allowed

!Mod Post: Principal Office Directory for ReBoot Fansites

THE FOLLOWING ARE A LIST OF ACTIVE (OR SEMI OR OTHERWISE NOTED) ReBoot fansites I've managed to find and gather from all over the net. Most of them, of course, are supported by the former Mainframe Entertainment ---- Rainmaker Entertainment, while other aren't. Happy Browsing, programs.

Official Websites/Directories:
ReBoot Shop
ReBoot Central Communications
ReBoot -
ReBoot - Internet Movie
ReBoot -

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!Mod Post: Request a Tag

Looking for a specific tag for your post that's not listed at the community? Request one here and it will be fulfilled.
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!Mod Post: Page-a-Mod

If you need to contact the mod for whatever reason, leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.

This thread can be used for:

• Community questions
• And so forth and so on

Comments are screened.
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!Mod Post: Affiliate Us

If you wish to affiliate with [community profile] command_line, please leave a message here and you'll be added to the upcoming links list in the profile page.